For safe food.

Agriculture and food are interconnected – agriculture is the basis of safe food. It is often necessary to “think outside the box” and to research everything thoroughly.

Thanks to many years of experience in the food sector in cooperation with producers, packaging companies, retail and laboratories, and also thanks to my practical experience in agriculture, I am an expert in all aspects of the production chain. My scientific training, my knowledge of food law, my analytical approach and the ability to draw clear conclusions complete my portfolio.

My aim is to be a competent advisor in the most diverse areas of food production: with openness and natural curiosity, unbiased and with mutual respect, so we can reach our goal together.

Integrity and neutrality are the prerequisites for good service tailored to individual customer needs. I personally look after all your requirements.

Safety is the most important ingredient in our food…

David Byrne, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, 2002


I am Evi Garber. Growing up on a fruit-growing farm and tree nursery I discovered my enthusiasm for agricultural production at an early age and consequently attended the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, specialising in agriculture. During my time at university I already engaged with the different theoretical and practical aspects of quality management, as well as with food and biotechnology.

From 2006 to 2018 I was a senior employee in the Department of Quality Management and Quality Assurance of an international trading agency for fruit, vegetables and other foodstuffs. The focus was very much on consultancy and support of suppliers throughout the entire production process, including packaging and delivery as well as residue monitoring. My task also included the evaluation of suppliers and service providers.

In addition, I obtained a CAS certificate in food law from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Europa Institut at the University of Zurich.


Food and product safety starts with agricultural production and extends through the entire chain to the end consumer.

  • Consulting in the field of cultivation of fruit and vegetables for the fresh produce sector and further processing.

  • Audits of the entire supply chain: from the producer, packaging and processing company to the retail supplier.

  • Development of a strategic quality management and/or residue monitoring system.

  • Risk assessments including for the organic production of food.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the food sector: food labelling, nutrition declarations, etc.

  • Training and seminars


Evi Garber.
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